Discover SCUBA

PLEASE NOTE: Any SCUBA activity occurring in the open sea is especially subject to weather conditions. Dives may be postponed at the Instructor’s discretion if conditions are unfavourable, e.g.;

  • high winds
  • large swell / waves
  • strong currents
  • poor visibility (especially from preceding weather events)

SCUBA diver equalising pressureAbout Discover SCUBA

The course takes between 2-3 hours, including a theory session and an “in water” component.

You will learn about and, where relevant practice;

  • Breathing rules for underwater
  • Equalization techniques (keeping your ears safe!)
  • Equipment purpose and use
  • Hand signals
  • Regulator and mask clearing techniques
  • Regulator recovery,

and a range of other fun activities.

Depths in confined waters (e.g. pools) will not exceed 6 metres and depths in open water will not exceed 12 metres.


Participants must;

  • be at least 10 years of age
  • review, complete and sign:
    • PADI Release of Liability/Assumption of Risk/Non-
      agency Acknowledgment Form
    • PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of
    • PADI Medical Statement (RSTC Medical form)

For divers under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must review, complete and sign  the above documentation.

What you’ll need to bring

  • Bathers
  • Towel
  • Drinks
  • Sunscreen for outdoor activities where applicable

Scaled fees – multiple bookings

Fees are outlined on the Products page.  Note the significant discounts for multiple bookings.

Making it easy – practical arrangements

Where travel to dive locations is required, BLO-H2O may be able to assist with transport from an agreed departure spot.